Photography is a family thing

Few weeks ago Tiziana Faraoni, editor of the Espresso Magazine, sent an email inviting me to partecipate to a feature that the magazine was organizing for the 150th year anniversary of the italian unification.

The project sounded really cool. She asked many creatives (painters, photographers, designers) to give an interpretation of this historical moment of our country.

So I decided to be quite critical on our present and developed an image called “Siam pronti alla morte?” It’s a sentence from our nation anthem and translated means something like “are we ready to die  ?

Once i got the idea I needed a model. So I took the phone and called my mother.

“Hey mom… I’d love to take a picture…I was thinking of you… would you like to model for me ? it will take no more than a couple of hours.”

“… I’m so excited… so you will make me beautiful ?”

“ehm…yes…well..sort of…”

She didn’t expect what came next, especially the waterboarding she had to withstand when we dropped water on the silk robe.

Probably she is not going to model for me anymore ;-)

On the left the final image for the magazine and on the right a sweet kiss trying to be forgiven.

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